A craft brand like no other

Collected Colors sensory activities and craft kits are affordable and environmentally-conscious. Colorful new, vintage, and donated supplies make each sensory activity unique and interesting!

Each product is guaranteed to be memorable, unique, and colorful.

"I collected colors so you could create!" ~Adelle B, founder

  • What is Upcycling?

    Reusing items (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

    Check out some cool DIY upcycling examples from Good Housekeeping 
  • I want your trash

    Donate what's at the bottom of your toy bin, junk drawer, and game closet and receive up to $5 off any product. Items needed:

    * game tokens
    * small plastic, metal, or wood toy accessories
    * minifigures
    (Lego, princess or fairy, animals, etc)
    * bottle caps, small non-recyclable plastics
    * buttons, beads, costume jewelry
    * small educational or craft supplies
    * small wood pieces in uniform sizes
    * damage-free wall hooks
    * building blocks (Legos, KNEX, Lincoln Logs, Magnatiles, etc)

    Contact info@collectedcolors.shop for donation dropoff location. "Small" means smaller than 2" in diameter. No sharp items please.