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My name is Adelle.  This is me at some restaurant when my business was just a tiny, shiny idea.  My son has special needs.  In 2022 I was making all kinds of sensory bins for him to play with.  It started with a big bag of vintage buttons I found at an estate sale.  Then I just kept collecting things at yard sales and such - things that may not have a lot of use by themselves.  I gave them a home with other colorful and interesting upcycled items.  Then I decided to share my fun treasure collections with kids in the neighborhood and places where kids go to therapy.  

Really nice homemade sensory bins can be expensive, and the ones you find at big retailers are pretty basic.  My mini sensory kits have just the good stuff - no filler.  You can create your own affordable sensory bin by adding a bag of beans or rice, plus a large tray or box.  They are fun on their own as well.

Sensory bins and unique crafts can help kids develop speech, fine motor skills, problem solving, and more.  It's the perfect activity for child-led play.

Collected Colors is committed to:

  • being colorful
  • environmentally conscious creativity - using recycled, reused, donated, and found materials whenever possible
  • offering affordable craft kits and activities 
  • encouraging the community to reuse and make more sustainable choices

I collected colors so you can create!

I love seeing photos of what other kids do with my craft kits and sensory bins. It encourages me to keep going and find more ways to grow the business.  I'd love to hear from you! 


Adelle B.

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